제목 Sternocleidomastoid


Car accidents or strenuous sports can make the neck hyper-extend and cause a hematoma.
Particularly, a torticollis that turns the neck to the side can be caused. If you feel an
oppressive pain in the muscle area, you might suspect having a hyper-extended neck.
Dizziness, vertigo and a balance disorder can occur, causing headaches, T.M.J, anemia,
ringing in the ears and bradyecoi


1.Put the tip of the tape on the mastoid (a hard segment, near the rear side of the ear).

2.Turn the head to the opposite side of the tapping as far as possible and put
the tape about 1/3 from the inner collarbone.

3.Slowly turn the head to the other side and put the tape in the center of the breast bone.

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